22 Sep

I picked up this piece of encouragement from Youtube the other day.  Worthwhile watching.  Says some interesting stuff about music and faith and the arts too.  Alice Cooper has a syndicated radio programme that runs on 91.5 here in Melbourne.  It’s good to listen to for his insights into the world of rock and roll and I’ve often thought that he has some decent values behind all the makeup.  I guess I now understand a little more of where those values are coming from.  Good music too!!  Yes Larry, why should the devil have all the good music?  (Sorry…. showing my age….)

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Posted by on September 22, 2011 in Arts, General



  1. Noel Buchanan, member NGV, ACMI, Morning Melodies subscriber and AB supporter.

    June 1, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Why are Australian Christians so susceptible to American hard rockers like Alice Cooper? Does his music inspire or transform anyone? The Seekers included Gospel music in their shows the same era when Bruce and David Searle (BCV, MAF) were performing The Hornet Song at packed YFC rallies in the Melbourne Town Hall where I was a follow-up counsellor. Amen! Amen! Much later Christian believers appeared in Little River Band and Midnite Oil. Let’s relate personally and encourage the local artists who use imagination, lyrics and music as Christians with an entertainment career..


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