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The latest Food for Thought is a response to some research that found Facebook contributing to thoughts of envy and resulting in depression and loneliness.  You’ll find it at



This week’s Food for Thought blog is a reflection on the tragic rape and murder of Victorian ABC staffer Jill Meagher and various community reactions to it.  How do we rightly respond to a tragedy like this?  How does the Bible address this sort of thing?  Read it at



This week’s Food for Thought carries my blog on ‘Policies for the Common Good’.  It’s all about making policy and evaluating policy on the grounds of what it will do for the good of society (the common good), instead of from an individualistic and usually self-centred perspective.  I encourage you to read it and respond back on this site.



The Annual Ethos Dinner is being held on Friday March 23rd at 6.30 in Melbourne.  The speaker is David Lyon and his topic ‘Is Nothing Private? Living with Social Media’ should be an interesting and timely conversation.  David Lyon is a world leader on social media and surveillance, being the Director of the Queen’s University’s Surveillance Studies Centre in Ontario.  He is also that University’s Professor of Sociology and of Law. Cost of a seat at the Dinner is $50.  

Details and registration can be found at

You can also read a blog from David Lyons on Ethos’ home page



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Michael Schluter Video Parts 2 and 3

You can now view Parts 2 and 3 of the Urban Conversations with Michael Schluter on Relational Thinking.  Our apologies that the picture is lost in some places….. technical problems and all that!!  The sound continues all the way through and it is worth listening to.  Enjoy, be challenged, and blog with us…


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Relational Thinking: a vision for engagement in public life

At a recent Urban Conversation, Michael Schluter presented the idea that we should be involved in a new paradigm of thinking and acting that puts relationships at the centre of all we are and do.  He suggested that this is radically Christian in that this is what Christ did and those who profess to follow Him can do nothing other than seek to imitate this lifestyle.

Well, that got some dialogue going….

My question asks what would that look like in each of the Drivers that ST2 talks about.  How would Relatonal Thinking be applied to Media, Arts, Business, Sports, Community Services, Health,Justice, Law, Education, and Politics?  What are the specific challenges and what are the rewards that could be reaped?  For example, I do a fair bit of work in the Justice area.  Schluter mentioned that Relational Thinking would make a big difference in the Prison system.  Yep, it sure would!  But what would that look like?  I wanted to ask him on the night but didn’t get the chance.  What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you if you’re involved in one of the Drivers (and who isn’t in some way or other?) about the application of Relational Thinking in your area of expertise.

Come on, let’s keep the conversation going….


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Thanks to Amy Van Eymeren, Part 1 of the video of the Michael Schluter Urban Conversations can be viewed at

Now’s the time to keep the conversation going.  If you were there on the night you will recall the healthy discussion we had.  If not, have a look at the video and start blogging….


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