May 2013

A major research paper has now been written that presents the results of last years research into the social environment for young people in Australia.  It also draws some conclusions and invites the reader on the journey of responding to the findings.  You can read the Paper at the following link:

Project 217 Report

February 2012

The major project for Sophia Think Tank in 2012 is Project 217, named after Nehemiah 2:17 which talks of rebuilding the walls of the City so the people can once again take pride in it.  There is good evidence that the walls of society are in need of repair, especially the social environment for young people.  Richard Eckesley, founding director of Australia21 Ltd., points out in much of his research and writing that many of the indicators for youth wellbeing are in serious trouble and that the social environment is in need of repair.  Other social analysts are concluding the same. (My paper on this can be found at Project 217 Paper.pdf).

Project 217 is asking what have the ten drivers done to help create this problem and what can each of them do to begin the repairing process.  This is being discussed in 15 Roundtables across the year, 5 in Sydney and 10 in Melbourne.  Regular reports will be posted on this site and you are invited to have your say when you feel so moved.  There will also be public discussions of our findings in the Urban Conversations programme across the year.  Come and join the journey with us as a move towards the repairing of the social environment in Australia.


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