Community Service Organisations are really under the pump today and are suffering from enormous cost shifting exercises. But this pressure has caused some to become so focussed on meeting the Key Performance Indicators of Government Grants that they sometimes take their eyes off the ball. Wisdom confronts that mindset.


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  1. david wilson

    August 10, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    The following is taken from the newsletter of “Our Community” ( It is good news indeed!

    We have a breakthrough!
    For a decade now Our Community has been proclaiming that the not-for-profit sector in this country has been undervalued and under-supported, and that governments have shown no real interest in addressing this.
    No longer. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has just announced that things are going to change.
    “A re-elected Gillard Labor Government will drive a major reform agenda for Australia’s non-profit sector to deliver smarter regulation, reduce red tape and improve transparency and accountability of the sector,” she announced yesterday.
    Ms Gillard is specifically undertaking to implement the recommendations of the many government inquiries on the sector that have reported over the past few years.
     There’s to be a new Office for the Non-Profit Sector within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to drive and coordinate the policy reform agenda, as recommended by the Productivity Commission’s report and by the Senate Economics Committee report on disclosure regimes for not-for-profit organisations;
     That’s to be supported by a new Non-Profit Sector Reform Council made up of representatives from across the sector;
     As recommended by the Commission and the Senate, the government will start scoping out a national ‘one-stop-shop’ regulator for the not-for-profit sector to remove the complex regulatory arrangements currently in place – this, too, is a major step forward;
     As recommended by everybody, they’re going to work on harmonising regulations across the states; and
     As foreshadowed by the National Compact, they’re going to work on cutting the burden of red tape.
    Julia Gillard is, in fact, going to do pretty much what the community sector has been asking the government to do – the first Government in 20 years to commit to act.
    This is a big step. It’s going to make a big difference to the 600,000 organisations that make up the heart of Australian communities.
    If, of course, the Labor Party gets re-elected.
    There have been complaints during this election campaign that the policies of the two parties are not clearly differentiated. In this area, at least, there’s a clear policy winner, and it’s Labor.
    But don’t take our word for it. You can read about the Labor Party’s announcement in more detail here:, while the Liberal Party’s community issues website is here:
    Congratulations to Julia Gillard for taking this big step, and also to the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector, Senator Ursula Stephens, who has done most of the leg work, and to Minister for Families, Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin MP, who has also worked so hard to get us to this point. Here’s cheers to action, reform and policy at last.
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