Mental Health, physical health, community health, dental health: all aspects of our health system must be assisted by the way of wisdom or it quickly becomes a ‘sickness system’ rather than a health system, creating a community of dependant people rather than a community of wellbeing.


One response to “HEALTH

  1. peteskibreen

    June 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    My particular interest these days as a medical professional [Radiographer] is to see what I can bring to the patient in the few moments of the procedure that might calm existential fear and anxiety. My recent art exhibition in Brisbane “The Space Between” was an inquiry into the xray experience. It was in the words of Tom Waits an attempt to inquire into the feelings and thoughts of a patient’s mind: “What’s he building in there [his mind] what’s going on in there”?The health system in my experience is driven in the private sector by financial profit – “get them in and get them out”, but in the public sector by a greater attention to being present to the person. This is my experience. No doubt good care has to be paid for but in building a better world, expertise is not necessarily expensive and exclusive. The poor and rich are human together. How can individual medical professionals add to well being and a health system? Seeing the patient as a whole person and the medical system as a whole system where we are all contributing to bringing wholeness to each other might be the place to start. What I can do as a radiographer is to take a few more moments to explain the procedure, to engage warmly with the patient as a person and to attempt to make radiography both a picture taking exercise of excellence and an affirming person to person experience. Is this making a contribution towards a community of well being? Is this “the way of wisdom”?I think so. Administration and a list of non-negotiable practices are essential for a good health system in a civil society and practitioners at every level need to be educated and supported towards being part of building a society that is committed to the well being of everyone. And that includes time off to recover. Caring at this level brings its own tiredness. More conversations are needed on how much administrative control and legislation impedes or enhances the way of wisdom for health and on what actions might short circuit the sickness system and start a different and better agenda


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