Political Decisions are often made on the grounds of political expediency. What will be more likely to get me voted in the next election? ST2 Challenges this base for decision making. What is the wisest thing I can do here? What is best for the common good?


One response to “POLITICS

  1. sophiathinktank

    August 4, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    James Davison Hunter in his book “To Change the World” writes, “The perspective of political and social theorists is that in the modern (and, in my opinion, ‘post-modern’) world ‘democracy’ and ‘The State’ are two different entities.
    “Democracy resides in an elected political class and its relationship to the citizens. This relationship is bound together by a ritual act of popular will that serves the interest of political legitimacy. “The State” is a massive bureaucracy whose purpose is to administer innumerable discrete tasks that make the regime function, at the highest level of efficiency.
    Hunter asserts there are two critical implications in the above assessment. “First, the state is not subject to electoral will. Second, there are no political solutions to the problems most people care about.” He goes on to say, “While politics can only do so much, it is also true that bad politics can do truly horrific things!”
    If this is true, why do Christians value them as necessary ingredients to bring about ‘The kingdom of God on Earth’; for which Jesus constantly calls us to pray and act upon? How could ‘democracy’ or ‘the State’ help prepare the way for the Kingdom of God on Earth?
    That begs a question, “What does the Kingdom of God on Earth look like in this life?”
    We suggest it is towards ‘shalom’. What’s ‘shalom’? It’s about a different sense of meaning and life-purpose to that dominantly promoted by our culture. It’s about love of God and neighbour. It’s about service through enabling power. Not power of manipulation, domination or coercion! Shalom also offers hope, equity, order and harmony, fruitfulness, wholeness, joy and well-being for all human beings. What underpins ‘’shalom’? Biblical wisdom through the way of Jesus!
    If not through democracy and ‘The State’, what’s the social framework by which ‘shalom’ could flourish? Could it be that the people of God, personally and socially, will form a robust presence of God amongst people in their communities who are doing ‘good works’? In the Arts, business, community services, education, health, law and justice, media, politics and sport.
    There will always be a vital place for effective political representation; to ensure that excellent policy settings are formed to facilitate ‘good works’ and enable social resources to flow to the deepest needs in our society.
    Food for thought?
    Political Commentator
    July 29, 2010


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